The Town of Taos

The Town of Taos is located in New Mexico, and it is a beautiful place to visit. The scenery is appealing and there are plenty of activities to take part in throughout the year. Many of the annual events are favorites and people schedule their visits to make sure they can take part in them. There are plenty of places for shopping, dining, and relaxing so you can take it all in at your own pace.
It was established in 1934 and continues to grow today. Yet it has a very strong heritage and deep roots. When you visit the area, you will be able to appreciate the art work, music, and other elements hat have been carefully preserved in honor of this area and the early settlement. If you go back into the history of this area, it was actually found by the explorer Coronado around 1540.
Various Indian tribes lived what is now the Town of Taos at that time. Coronado was impressed with their dwellings. Many of those remains are still available to see when you come to the area. The most impressive are those of the Pueblo Indians. Coronado found the Indians to be curious about the explorers but also peaceful and friendly.
However, by 1680 there was a great deal of tension among the Indians and the settlers in this area. Treaties had been broken regarding religion, land, and how the natives were being treated. A revolt ensued and the Spanish were pushed out of this area. In 1696 the last of the natives surrendered after an expedition in 1682 was led to get back into the area. Not only for the land, but for the quest to find the silver located in the various mines around The Town of Taos.
Today, there is a great deal of diversity found among the people who reside here. They are happy to share their heritage and that is part of the beauty this area offers. In addition to seeing the older areas and the history, it is a well-known area for skiing during certain times of the year. This draws in plenty of people who come for the snow adventures, but also go explore the rest of what it has to offer.
The outdoors makes it a common place for hiking and for bike riding. There are tours that take you along the water for a leisurely day to enjoy nature. You can also take on the more challenging trails if you have the endurance and desire to climb higher and see it from a new level.
You can go explore on your own and find out plenty about the area. However, the best way to take in all the Town of Taos can offer is to go on a guided tour. You will be taken to all of the best places and key attractions. You will learn about the details of each area so you can walk away with a rich knowledge and appreciation of all that has unfolded in this part of New Mexico.

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